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What's up with the No Mercy Gamers website?
by: grmm
2019-09-05 18:20:49

This is a temporary website while RisingStorm and I work on finding a stable program with which to rebuild our website.  In the mean time I've had to disable the "Forums" because this old theme {SubBlack} is outdated and doesn't support them with this new versions of RavenNuke.  I've also disabled "New Registrations" because it would just be a waste of your time as this site will be changing soon.

Our first website, which we had for about 8 years, became obsolete and unstable a couple years ago and our web host stopped supporting that CMS program (Content Management System) completely because it was so outdated and full of security holes that was allowing spammers and hackers in.

Also, CoD4 and CoD5 are so old that no one wants to play them anymore and they’re not releasing any new games where you can still have a clan and manage your own servers so more and more gaming clans go out of business and there isn't the demand for a good CMS anymore so those developers are closing down too.  Right now the only free programs Stormy and I can find to work with are RavenNuke, php Nuke Evolution, and e107.  We’re currently testing all 3 but we have to teach ourselves how to use them as we go. 

Both of us will be gone on family trips from the 15th of September through the end of the month and that will have an effect on how soon we’ll get a new website back up. 



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